The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans, According to Interior Designers

If you’re lucky enough to have a covered outdoor space like a deck, porch, sunroom, or veranda, you might want to consider a ceiling fan or two to get a bit of a breeze going on those sweltering summer days. Unlike standing fans, ceiling fans have the added benefit of being overhead and out of the way, leaving plenty of space for lounging. The fact that they’re less prominently displayed also means that you don’t have to put as much emphasis on how the fan looks if you don’t want to. Designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of Atlanta-based interior-design studio Forbes and Masters, for instance, prefer ceiling fans that blend in rather than stand out as eye-catching accents, telling us that sleeker styles tend to be more invisible. But others told us the opposite, pointing out ceiling fans that make more of a statement. To find the best ceiling fans in a range of aesthetics and prices, we asked Forbes, Masters, and 14 other interior designers for their recommendations — all of which can be used outside (but also inside too).

While the ceiling fans below come in several design styles — from tropical, to modern, to bohemian — the experts told us that no such aesthetic style makes one ceiling fan more superior to another when it comes to air circulation. As far as choosing a size for your ceiling fan, Forbes and Masters say they usually go for a width of 60 inches for large patios and living rooms (this list includes fans of that size as well as smaller and larger options). And here is some some basic installation guidance courtesy of Forbes: Place one ceiling fan above each seating area in a space, and make sure fans hang no higher than nine feet above the floor so that you can actually feel their breeze.

Post time: Mar-05-2019