Is the more fan blades the better?

Compared with the ordinary “three-blade fan”, the “five-blade fan” has a wider air supply range, and the adjustable number of wind speeds is mostly four gears. If the “five-blade fan” is blown overnight, it will not feel bad. Comfortable and low noise, it is very suitable for citizens who are afraid of noise when sleeping.

The air volume and wind power of an electric fan are mainly related to the motor and fan blades of the electric fan. Generally speaking, the more blades of an electric fan, the better the air supply effect. Although it will increase the load, the more fan blades, the smaller the “wind” can be cut, making the blowing wind softer and the mute effect better.

The “five-blade fan” mainly uses the principles of airplane wings and propellers. Fans designed using these principles have obvious characteristics of high efficiency and low noise.

So, are “four-blade fans” and “five-blade fans” better than traditional “three-blade fans”? Experts in the industry say that considering the characteristics of rotation balance, the blades of general electric fans are odd-numbered blades. Electric fans with even-numbered blades tend to resonate and cause damage when rotating. Therefore, it is recommended that the public choose electric fans with odd-numbered blades. 

What is the reason why the fan blades of the electric fan can’t rotate

1. The motor shaft is jammed, you will know by flipping the fan page by hand, the solution is to add lubricating oil

2. The starting capacitor is broken, that is, a black or white square plastic shell part fixed with screws at the back of the motor. The one with two wires leads out. If there is a tool, you can measure the capacitance. If there is no tool, you can change it directly. a bit.

3. The motor coil is short-circuited and burned out. Generally, it only makes a loud sound after powering on for a few minutes, without turning it, unplug the power supply, and touch the motor with your hand. If it is very hot, it may be burned out and short-circuited. 

Is the more fan blades the better? In summary, the five-blade electric fan must blow out more wind than the three-blade electric fan, so the electric fan has more blades for people It would be better. When buying an electric fan, you can choose a product with 5 or 6 blades. If the fan blade of the electric fan encounters trouble during use, such as the situation that it does not turn or is damaged, it must be solved in a targeted manner so that it will not affect the daily use of the electric fan.

Post time: Nov-16-2020